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About Resource Centre

E-RCTC, a joint initiative of PGIMER Chandigarh and The Union, is emerging as one of the most-sought-after platforms that showcases tobacco control initiatives, updates, policies, resource materials etc. from the length and breadth of the country. It has helped in strengthening National Control Tobacco Programme (NTCP) to a great extent. Further, this online hub contains latest notifications and circulars by national and state government's related to effective implementation of NTCP.

E-RCTC compiles and channelizes the correct and reliable information, and then disseminates it from one source. On the portal these contents have been associated in a way that enables the visitor from different backgrounds can fetch the necessary information in no time.

The portal has helped in increasing the global collaborations between organizations and health care professionals from different corners of the globe who strive to work on diverse tobacco related issues for better enforcement of tobacco control laws in their organizations. It has also enabled researchers to gain knowledge related to the best practices and interventions in tobacco control.

It is capacitating the grassroots workforce involved in tobacco related programmes. Officials at administrative levels has been approaching E-RCTC for accessing latest advisories and notifications to counter tobacco use. Researchers and academicians are seeking this platform to acquire knowledge related to best practices and innovations in tobacco control will get enough information from the portal. This is a promising beginning to have a significant impact on the tobacco control landscape in India.