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Hassan Mohamed

Hassan Mohamed
Deputy Director, Health Protection Agency, Maldives
+91 9607616454
I joined the National Tobacco Control Programm in 2000 and continue to lead the National Tobacco Control effort, both as a long standing passion as well as my professional occupation In addition to bein in charge of the National Tobacco Control Programm, I am also a member of the statutory body, The Tobacco Control Board, the National High Level NCD Committee, and also represent Malduves as the National Focal Point for the FCTC Under FCTC, I have participated at all COPsessions except for Session 1, participated at various Drafting and Working and Expert Groups, represented Maldives in the COP Bureau, chaired various FCTC related meetings. In the Regional front, I am a member of SARC-CCT and also RTAG on NCDs