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1 Karnataka Ban on E cig
2 Karnataka Ban on sale of Loose Cigarettes - 2017
3 Karnataka Circular Smoking Prohibited
4 Karnataka Gutka Ban 30.05.2013
5 Art-5.3-Circular-KT
6 Art-5.3-Notification-KT-BLR-rural
7 Art-5.3-Notification-KT-Chamarajanagar
8 Karnataka GATS 2 Factsheet
9 CPI circular
10 Fire dept GO
11 GO for curriculum
12 IT-BT Circular
13 Letter to IG-SP
14 Tobacco free govt workplaces


1 Signage -Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places(Kannada)
2 Signage for Tobacco Product Vendors(Sellers)


1 Ban order on Usage and spitting of Chewing Tobacco Pan Masala in publicly
2 Chitradurga-Karnataka-ban on tbp-covid
3 IN_Council for Harm Reduced Alter
4 IN_The Institute of Public Health
5 Karnataka Tobacco Free Educational Institution Circular