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1 Circular 06.07.23
2 Yellow line campaign (27-07-2021)
3 Webinar on drug abuse (9-11-2020)
4 Office of the Senior Superintendent of Police (L&O) Puducherry
5 Code of conduct-04-02-2021 (JIPMER)
6 11-11-2020 Renewal of ban on Gutka and Pan masala
7 (28-05-2021)WNTD 2021 'No tobacco pledge'
8 (21-10-2020) toefi
9 2._Govt. of Puducherry, circular on enforcement of Regulations 2, 3, 4 of the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sale) Regulations 2011
10 4Govt. of Puducherry, circular on coordination of the implementation of NTCP by the State Level Coordinating Committee
11 Govt. of Puducherry, circular on ban on sale, manufacture, distribution, trade, import, advertisement, display, marketing and possession of ENDS in the Union Territory of Puducherry
12 GUTKA BAN GO 2017
13 Ban on ENDS
14 Ban on Sale , Manufacturing of E- cigarettes
15 Banning the sale of Gutkha and Pan Masala
16 Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes ordinance