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Himachal Pradesh

1 Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Constitution of State level coordination and monitoring committee under Section 5 of COTPA
2 Comparision of states as per GATS India
3 Comparision of states as per GATS India
4 Template – SeizureSpot memo
5 Smoke Free Shimla-case study
6 Smoke Free Shimla-case study
7 Report_tashi-jong
8 Tobacco control
9 HP Act 2016
10 Hooka Bar in HP-converted
11 Himachal Pradesh Prohibition of Smolking Act
12 Regarding the Coordination of various medical colleges
13 Comparision of states as per GATS India
14 Template – Reciept
15 Template – Suritybond
16 Template – court Complaint
17 Comparision of states as per GATS India
18 Govt. of Himachal Pradesh-Gutkha Ban
19 GATS_India_2016-17_FactSheet
20 Directorate Health Safety & Regulation, Himachal Pradesh, Monitoring TAPS-Tobacco Advertisement, Promotion and Sponsorship
21 The Himachal Pradesh Juvenile Prevention of Smoking Act 1952
22 Himachal Pradesh Prohibition of smolking act
23 Tobacco free zones in state of Himachal Pradesh
24 Himachal Pradesh SLCC HP Notification 2023
25 Himachal Pradesh Proceeding of Meeting SLCC 18.8.22
26 Himachal Pradesh Notification of Tobacco Free Edu. Instt. in HP